The lodge's restaurant with the pink hues of dusk in the windows

A Desert Haven
Namib's Valley of a Thousand Hills

Discover the Thoughtfully Crafted Facilities

Indulge in modern comforts and rustic charm at Namib's Valley of a Thousand Hills. Our thoughtfully crafted facilities enhance your desert retreat, ensuring a seamless fusion of relaxation and adventure. From cosy bungalows immersed in nature to a fully equipped lodge boasting a restaurant, bar, infinity pool, and lounge, every element is designed for your comfort. Whether you seek a quiet escape or a base for exploration, our facilities provide a haven in the heart of Namibia's captivating landscape. Welcome to a sanctuary where convenience meets the untouched beauty of the Namib Desert.

We came here at the beginning of our journey, which was 5 months ago. Now it's the end of our trip, and we decided to come back because it's one of the most beautiful and peaceful places
- We will return!

Daniel & Manide - 31/10/2023

The lodge perched high up on the side of the mountain overlooking the valley below.
The restaurant is ready to welcome guests for dinner. Breakfast with a beautiful view. The breakfast buffet.

Main Building

Unwind and Indulge in the Main Building's Amenities

Discover the heartbeat of Namib's Valley in our central oasis, the Main Building. With a fully functioning restaurant serving delectable meals, a bar offering a variety of beverages, and an inviting swimming pool, this hub is designed for relaxation. The veranda, a gem at sundown, sets the stage for a drink while witnessing the Namib's mesmerising sunset. The resident hyraxes provide a lively soundtrack as you dine, adding a touch of wilderness to your culinary experience. Immerse yourself in the essence of Namibia - where every moment is as vibrant as the landscape surrounding you.

The interior of the bungalow, the mosquito nets draped over the bed.
The veranda of the bungalow is the ideal setting for watching an African sunrise The welcome drink offered inside the bungalows The ensuite bathroom of the bungalow


Rustic Serenity Amidst Nature

Nestled in the embrace of the Namib desert's silence, overlooking the vast vistas that escape into the horizon, our bungalows offer a rustic escape where simplicity meets serenity. Immerse yourself in nature with the comfort of cosy interiors, and let the desert's whispers lull you into tranquillity. Lights and hot water provided by solar power ensure an eco-friendly retreat.

The interior of the bungalow, the mosquito nets draped over the bed.
The exterior of the family bungalow, framed by the iconic quiver tree
The view from the family bungalow bedroom The lounge area of the family bungalow The second room of the family bungalow

Family Bungalow

Spacious Retreat for the Whole Family

Discover the perfect family retreat amidst this lofty pristine wilderness. Our spacious family bungalow offers private rooms, ensuring a comfortable stay. Solar-powered amenities and the embrace of the desert create a harmonious family escape.

A couple relishing the sunrise from the campsite.
A fire burns in the campsite fire pit, the ultimate way to spend a night under an African sky. The view from the campsite, overlooking the Gamsberg mountain The campsite was illuminated by a slither of the moon and a milky-way-filled night sky.

Camping Sites

Under the Namibian Skies

Embrace the essence of Namibia at our camping sites. Whether stargazing or waking up to the desert sunrise, each moment is a connection to nature. With your private ablution and the absence of electricity, experience the pure beauty of camping in the Namib.

A couple relishing the sunrise from the campsite.

Exceptional memories of being here on the eve of my 50th Birthday. I made it just in time for the sunset & the beautiful colours of the thousand hills changing throughout. Thank you to Elise and the whole team for a magical stay. Food terrific,
Camping - one in a million & great hospitality.

Sally Trob, Australia - 09/11/2022

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